The Ebersole Foundation exists to support and assist Ebersole Center in its mission: "to inspire learners of all ages to embrace nature, to engage their minds, and to acquire an awareness of responsible stewardship for our places."

"It was nice and kind to give us money. I will thank you for the rest of my life" - Aleigh, 3rd grade, Kendon Elementary

"Thank you for giving us the donation for Ebersole. I had so much fun doing hoppers and being in the wilderness." - Jourdyn, 3rd grade, Kendon Elementary

"You made me have a doggone good time!!!" - Kendrick, 4th grade, Post Oak

"I enjoyed seeing you all, even the nurse. Good news is I might come back next year." - Jamarion, 4th grade, Post Oak

Tell the chef great food." - Ethan, 4th grade, Post Oak

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woods tour

"You gave me encouragement to not be scared when I’m in the woods. You told us just to be brave about it and you can do it!" - Rebecca, participating student at Ebersole

"Not one student had any regrets or misgivings about attending. They were so happy the entire time, and the girls, at least, slept like logs!" - Mary Evangelista, 3rd grade Kendon Elementary Teacher

"At Ebersole, students develop habits of mind that teach them to become a responsible member of an interdependent community of cooperative learners that value the environment." - Jacque Gerard, 3rd grade Attwood Teacher

"At first, I was terrified about spending the night away from home but then I began to have so much fun I forgot about missing home. The canoeing and the archery we did are experiences that a “city boy” like myself would never have experienced." - A.J., Attwood 4th grader


guitar player

"A particular memory that was made outside the classroom yet had one of the biggest impacts on me is Ebersole. I learned how to shoot a bow and arrow, learn exactly what an owl pellet is and appreciate the beautiful outdoors that God created. I won't ever forget when we were sitting around a fire, as a parent chaperone sang while playing guitar." - Angel, Attwood 4th grader

"Eating dinner together and sitting at the campfire gave everyone a chance to relax and get to know each other better without having to deal with the regular, every day schedule of going to school." - Melanie, Attwood 4th grader

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